Test And Certification Company Benefits From Seaward Tester’s Portability

One of the UK’s leading test and product certification providers is using the versatile HAL 103 multi-function safety tester from Clare, benefiting from the tester’s multi-function capability and portability.

TÜV SÜD undertakes safety testing of electrical items ranging from IT, telecommunications and white goods through to brown goods, laboratory products and medical devices, both in its own laboratories and at manufacturers’ premises.

This often involves scheduling testing at short notice anywhere in the country to ensure products comply with relevant safety standards and are safe for use by customers once they leave the factory gate.

Previously, engineers had to use three separate testers to carry out earth bond, insulation resistance and HiPOT (flash) testing.

Now, in a move which has seen TÜV SÜD replace its older, much less portable, testers, the company is using two portable HAL 103 units, which enable its team of 18 engineers to move quickly from site-to-site undertaking three important electrical safety tests using a single portable instrument.

Safety Compliance manager Richard Poate, based at the company’s Fareham headquarters, said the Clare HAL 103 is an excellent tester, delivering time-saving benefits.

“The great advantage for us is that the HAL 103 is portable, making it easy to transport to different locations. This enables our engineers to complete test programmes easily and efficiently, while ensuring quality of service is never compromised.

“It’s also a very reliable and flexible tester, enabling the operator to simply complete the required tests and accurately record the results all at once, at the press of a button.”

The HAL103 meets the requirements of demanding production line, type testing or electronic design applications - performing the complete suite of standard electrical safety tests and allowing full traceability of test results and records via internal data memory storage.

The tester performs earth bond, AC/DC hi pot (flash) and insulation testing to ensure the compatibility of Class II electrical products with technical and performance standards.

Tests can be applied individually or in set automatic sequences for repetitive multi-test routines. Test specifications can be quickly configured into the tester by scanning in pre-defined bar codes making the equipment ideal for ISO traceable systems in QA, conformance and production line applications. These pre-defined bar codes can be generated directly from the tester on adhesive labels or from proprietary Microsoft PC applications.

The HAL 103 has selectable 50 or 60 Hz output frequencies for flash testing and incorporates a 40A constant current low voltage ground bond test. Other features include a large high contrast bar graph display of the mOhm value from 0 to 1,000 and of the programmed output current in Amps.

Specialist software and a large capacity internal database capable of storing up to 6000 records gives the test instrument the ability to store test details and results against individual equipment serial numbers. Test reports can be downloaded directly to a PC or printer for the generation of complete test data records.

The instrument is fully compatible with the requirements of the EN 50191 standard on test environments.

Visit our HAL103 product page for more information.


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