Smarter Electrical Safety Testing & Certification with the PowerPlus 1557


Seaward has extended and upgraded the combined electrical test and certification concept introduced by its new PowerPlus 1557 multifunction electrical installation tester.

The new features include enhanced test data management and certification capabilities which will significantly improve the operational efficiencies of local authorities, utilities, contractors and test engineers involved in large scale 17th edition electrical installation and periodic test routines in premises with identical circuit configurations.

The PowerPlus 1557 is the first electrical tester to incorporate an electronic version of the certificate within the tester, eliminating the need for ‘dummy´ certificates and manual or PDA recording of test results.
Test data is automatically entered into the correct certificate fields as testing is undertaken and can be validated on-site without the need for repeat visits. Look-up tables are also incorporated within the tester.
When inspection and testing is complete, the certificate held inside the PowerPlus 1557 tester can be transferred to PC software for output and/or supply to customers.

Among the technical advances now built-in to the tester is the ability to download and merge data from multiple testers used by different engineers on large premises into a single certificate.
In addition, users can also generate replica certificates from a master template for contractors testing lots of identical properties. Once an original installation certificate has been generated, ‘cloned´ or duplicated copies can be produced for subsequent periodic installation testing or for minor works certificates after circuit adaptations have been made.

The specially developed software program includes all required 17th edition certification and can print onto ECA, NAPIT and NICEIC stationery.

Once transferred to a PC, as well as printing certificates, test data can be stored for records traceability and when re-testing is required the data can be simply transferred back to the tester.

In this way the new PowerPlus 1557 eliminates many of the stages and needless manual repetition traditionally associated with electrical installation testing.

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