Shh There’s a Secret Seaward Spy

Who’s already in the transfer market and substituted their old PAT tester?

Well whether you have or not, we’ve let our secret Seaward spy, Amy, loose with her camera and she’s been collecting some photos of your PAT testers being made ready for substitution.

Everyone’s been really busy here getting ready for all your substitutions, but we still had time to smile while we worked and Amy decided to snap a few photos of some of the team.

So, do you fancy finding out what goes on inside Seaward?

Here we are entering the secret Seaward headquarters, do you think the big branding gives it away?

Seaward headquarters

This is Robert he’s busy working on new PAT testers. As you can see, he really loves his job.

Robert Seaward

This is where the magic happens, where things are fitted together and tested.

Seaward production lines

This amazing machine is responsible for fitting the components to the surface of the circuit boards and has a special name. If you know the name tag us on Twitter using #seaward and let us know your guess.

Seaward machine

And finally, Amy didn’t dare disturb this lady, in case she made a mistake. She’s hard at work completing the build of electrical circuit boards for the testers.

Seaward factory soldering

So have you joined the Seaward Team yet?

If you haven’t already, score a goal with us and substitute your old PAT tester today.

The guys above are waiting for you.

Click here to visit our PAT tester trade-in page.

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