Seaward's Summer Sizzler PAT Offer Includes Free Software and Training Package

Seaward has introduced a ‘Sizzling Summer Special’ promotion, giving away free PAT record keeping and health and safety software, with online training.

For a limited period only, buyers of the Seaward Apollo 600 PAT tester kit will receive a free added value package of extras, worth £249, that includes a 12 month licence for the PAT Guard 3 Elite software, access to a practical online training course with exam and a special PAT testing guide.

This comprehensive PAT package provides everything needed for the user to carry out effective electrical appliance safety testing, along with the ability to evaluate and record other workplace health and safety measures including fire alarm systems and emergency lighting.

The Apollo 600 tester is specially designed to meet the current best practice advice for a risk based approach to PAT and includes a built-in risk assessment tool allowing a range of workplace hazards to be recorded, evaluated and corrective actions determined.

The hand held unit includes all the in-service electrical safety tests required by the IET Code of Practice for plug-in appliances, and also has the ability to test permanently connected equipment.

In addition, a host of special features includes an on board digital camera to enable visual inspections to be tagged against records for maximum traceability and full record keeping, alongside Bluetooth transfer of test results, or downloading to a USB drive.

The versatility of the Apollo 600 is extended by its compatibility with the powerful PATGuard 3 Elite health and safety management software.

As well as extensive PAT records and simple asset management, this intuitive program enables a range of test and inspection certificates to be produced for more general workplace health and safety matters.

The Sizzling Summer Special offer from Seaward is available until the end of August and provides a complete one stop PAT package deal to support those already involved in safety testing and those who may want to enter the industry.

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