Seaward PrimeTest range still leading the PAT testing market

The PrimeTest range which revolutionised Portable Appliance Testers, is still leading the field ten years after first being introduced to the market.

Before the arrival of Seaward’s innovative products, testers were large, mains-powered devices rather than the portable, handheld form that PrimeTest pioneered.

As experts in the field of PAT testing, Seaward is celebrating the PrimeTest with an appearance at the Elexshow Electrician’s Exhibition at London’s Alexandra Palace from January 31st.

The very popular range is portable, easy to use, accurate and great value for money. Seaward also offer a host of online PAT support materials including, training, FAQ’s, informative videos and webinars.

Seaward’s Managing Director Andrew Upton said: “We’re very proud to be a British manufacturer still leading the field with this classic range.

“We’re also marking over 35 years of keeping people safe and the PrimeTest range has been a big part of that.

“It’s had – and is still having - an enormous influence on other PAT testers, but they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

“And while The PrimeTest range is often imitated, it’s still the best. It’s designed and built in Great Britain and still represents fantastic value for money.”

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