Seaward helps voluntary organisation keep people safe

When a volunteer-led organisation approached Seaward to see if it could help keep its customers safe, we were happy to help.

We provided a PrimeTest PAT testing device to Bath Repair Café after the team asked if we could help with safety testing the appliances people bring in for repair.

Repair Cafés offer free meeting places for people to come together and have household items repaired by a team of volunteers.

Volunteers are on hand to fix a range of broken items – everything from clothes and furniture to electrical appliances and bicycles.

More than 1,400 locations have opened since the first café was set up in 2009, helping people all over the world learn new skills, save money and reduce their carbon footprint in a friendly and supportive environment.

Lorna Montgomery, organiser at Bath Repair Café said: “We get lots of people coming in with electrical appliances to be repaired.

“Thanks to Seaward’s PrimeTest our volunteers are able to check the appliances they help repair to make sure they are safe to use.”

The team also received a training workshop from Seaward’s business development manager Peter Harris.

Seaward MD, Andrew Upton, said: “We were very happy to support Bath Repair Café.

“Our success is built on putting electrical safety as our number one priority – and we can’t underestimate the importance of ensuring the appliances in our homes are safe to use.

“Repair Cafés provide a fantastic free service to the communities they serve and I’m delighted we were not only able to offer our support – but help keep people safe too.”

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