Report highlights safety risks of counterfeit products

Electrical Safety First has released a new report as part of its campaign to highlight the safety risks posed by counterfeit products.

The report, A Shocking Rip-Off: The True Cost of Counterfeit Products, says that a million people consciously purchased fake products in 2015, but warns that the true figure is likely to be significantly higher, as many others will have unknowingly bought fake goods.

The market for counterfeit goods in the UK is conservatively estimated at £1.3 billion per year, with approximately £900 million of this being used to fund organised crime. But the report highlights not just the financial cost of fakes but also the physical risks they pose to consumers.

“Counterfeiters have become increasingly sophisticated”, explains Phil Buckle, Director General of Electrical Safety First. “With some, it is now only really possible to confirm if the product is ‘real’ or fake by checking the components inside – which is obviously not a viable option for most consumers, or something we would recommend them undertaking.

“We found that the key reason counterfeits are sold so cheaply is that there are ‘shortcuts’, leaving out or using substandard and fake electronic components which can significantly impact on the product’s safety, as well as its functionality.”

However, as well as fake electrical products for consumers, the Charity’s investigation found strong anecdotal evidence of high levels of fake plugs and fuses infiltrating the market.

ESF uses the report to make a number of recommendations for manufacturers and retailers, government and the general public.

These include calls for increased collaboration between manufacturers, retailers and enforcement agencies to share intelligence and expertise; government to ensure enforcement agencies and local government have the resources to deal with the problem; and consumers to be made aware of the real dangers of counterfeit electrics and how to spot them. A copy of the report is available here.

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