PrimeTest 350 Wins Office Test Seal of Approval


Investment in new electrical test technology is helping one of the UK’s leading providers of workplace compliance, safety and maintenance services to improve productivity levels and enhance its offering to clients.

Facilities management company Office Test is equipping its specialist team of portable appliance testing (PAT) engineers with the latest Seaward PrimeTest 350 electrical test technology.

The new hand held testers are used by the Office Test team of fully qualified PAT testing personnel to inspect and verify the safety of a wide range of electrical appliances and business equipment on a daily basis.

Office Test helps clients around the country in a wide range of sectors with their electrical compliance, maintenance, and health and safety obligations. Customers include leading hotel and retail chains, government departments, financial institutions, healthcare organisations and manufacturing companies.

In all cases the aim is to provide the highest standards of customer service and investment in the latest PAT testing equipment is helping the company to deliver on its promises.

With anything from 200-300 electrical appliance tests being carried out each day, portability and speed of testing is crucial and were major factors behind the selection of the PrimeTest 350.
The PrimeTest 350 PAT tester is specifically designed for fast and efficient high volume appliance testing. As well as the standard electrical tests, its comprehensive test suite also includes alternative leakage, 250V insulation and load measurement capabilities.
The lightweight and battery powered tester carries out all test sequences automatically, stores the results, and connects wirelessly to results printers and barcode scanners. A fast data logging and downloading feature means results, appliance IDs, location and other data can be stored and transferred to PAT software for comprehensive record keeping and traceability.

For the Office Test PAT engineers, the use of the PrimeTest 350s has made a significant contribution to improved productivity. As well as increasing the speed of testing without affecting the integrity of the work undertaken, engineers can now also download results direct from the tester from home into central record databases without repeated trips to head office.

The result has been a much more streamlined and efficient PAT testing operation, enabling the company to meet existing client needs, take on more business and remain highly competitive.

Simon Flowers, managing director of Office Test, said: “The all round capabilities of the PrimeTest 350 substantially reduces test times and also the downtime between tests.

“As a result, these practical benefits have had a significant impact on the day to day activities of our engineers who now have the freedom and flexibility to test appliances and download results much more easily – which is very important when high volume testing is being undertaken across multi-locations and large sites.

“This means that contracts we support all over the country can be serviced on time and with maximum efficiency.”

Find out more about the PrimeTest 350 PAT Tester.

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