PrimeTest 250 PAT Tester Breaks the Mould

The new hand held PrimeTest 250 is the first electrical tester in its class to provide all the electrical tests required for compliance with the IEE Code of Practice for the In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment - and includes also includes a host of other features.

These additional test capabilities include an RCD trip time test, a 3-phase leakage test and a 250V DC insulation test suitable for testing sensitive electrical appliances and surge protected leads.

The unique range of tests incorporated in this lightweight and highly versatile instrument means that most workplaces appliances can be tested using long life battery power. However the capability of the new tester also extends to powered earth leakage and touch current measurement tests when required.

The inclusion of the RCD test is in keeping with the latest IEE Code that, when extension leads or multiway adaptors are fitted with an RCD, the operation of the RCD should be checked using a test instrument to determine that the trip time is within specified limits.

The new PrimeTest 250 meets this requirement and also comes with a special accessory to allow the RCD test function to operate without tripping any RCDs in the mains supply.

In addition, earth continuity and earth leakage on 3-phase equipment can be tested using a special in-line adaptor supplied with the instrument. As a result, 3-phase industrial plant and equipment used in factories, workshops, schools and colleges can all be tested safely and effectively.

Universal graphics on the case of the PrimeTest 250 guides the user through the test modes available and a single push button operation enables the appropriate sequence of electrical tests to be activated.

All electrical safety tests are carried out against pre-set limits and a large display area gives a clear pass or fail indication, as well as digital test result values for those that require them.

The Primetest 250 forms part of a comprehensive range of portable appliance testers from Seaward that comprise eleven different models and test specifications to meet all workplace electrical safety testing needs. More from

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