PAT Superhero on a Mission to Test Efficiently

The powerful data handling capabilities of modern test technology is helping a local PAT Superhero to deliver effective workplace testing to give employers confidence that their electrical equipment does not pose a danger to users.

MrPATTastic PAT testing ShropshireThe Shropshire-based PAT engineer Anthony Grindrod also known as MrPATtastic, aims to provide ‘superhero’ levels of portable appliance testing, but behind the fun brand is a serious safety message.

The growing MrPATtastic business provides PAT services to a range of local clients including multi-site care homes, educational organisations, NHS surgeries, office based companies and others.

The business aim is to provide a professional and efficient testing service that is competitive for the customer but also gives them the reassurance and safety needed to ensure that they meet their responsibilities under the Electricity At Work Regulations 1989.

To do this MrPATtastic use the Seaward Apollo 500 PAT tester to carry out all the recommended safety tests for workplace electrical equipment in line with the IET 4th Edition Code of Practice, including point to point testing of fixed equipment and the testing of 3 phase devices and RCDs.

However, in combination with the PATGuard 3 software, it is the specialist data handling capabilities of the Apollo 500 that are paying particular dividends in terms of speeding up the process of appliance identification, testing and labelling.

As part of a thorough approach to workplace testing, all appliances tested by MrPATtastic are labelled with unique asset numbers included in a barcode format.

When equipment is due to be re-tested, previously tested appliances can be uploaded into the Apollo 500 so that when the barcode is scanned as part of a new test routine, the tester will automatically identify the asset, select the appropriate test sequence and record the new test results.

As a result a permanent test record for all electrical appliances is maintained at the press of a button and a traceable test history is established for all items of equipment.

In this way, as well as providing a streamlined and highly efficient approach to workplace testing, the comparison of successive test results can also provide an indication of deteriorating component condition – and potential future safety risks.

Anthony Grindrod explains: “As a relatively small but growing business, the efficient use of time is crucial – but electrical safety is an area where taking shortcuts is obviously out of the question.

“The combination of equipment numbering, testing and automatic data collection in an integrated process means I can work quickly but still provide a totally professional service and comprehensive inspection reports for the customer.”

The automatic identification of equipment also has considerable benefits for multi-site operators such as care homes, health services and networked offices.

For example, new appliances that have not been tested are immediately recognised and appliances previously tested in a specific workplace can be identified as missing or tracked across different sites as part of an asset management system.

MrPATtastic also provides a free repairs service for damaged plugs or missing fuses with the automatically generated records detailing why equipment may have failed.

Anthony Grindrod says: “Once downloaded to PATGuard 3 it is easy to keep track of appliances and ensure that no equipment remains untested, eliminating the workplace safety risks.

“As a business owner, the reduced paperwork and time associated with a fully integrated testing and reporting process enables me to utilise my time much more effectively - which in turn has helped me to take a fully professional approach and build lasting relationships with customers.”

The Seaward Apollo 500 PAT tester and PATGuard 3 test results management software forms part of a comprehensive range of Seaward PAT instruments, accessories and software that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of electrical safety dutyholders in all workplaces.

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