PAT Range Meets Workplace Safety Testing Needs

PAT Range Meets Workplace Safety Testing NeedsElectrical safety testing specialist Seaward has upgraded and expanded its range of specialist instruments to provide ready-made solutions for workplace portable appliance testing (PAT).

The Seaward PrimeTest range is designed to meet all levels of electrical equipment safety testing needs – from in-house safety testing to specialist PAT contract services.

The hand held PrimeTest range includes lightweight and battery powered testers for the effective safety testing of all Class I and Class II electrical equipment.

Basic electrical checks are incorporated into the easy to operate entry level PrimeTest 50, with additional earth leakage tests available in the PrimeTest 100. Both testers feature simple push button activation with clear pass/fail indications for appliance tests.

The comprehensive PrimeTest 250 is an intermediate level tester that provides complete electrical safety testing in line with the IEE Code of Practice. Special features include RCD‚ powered earth leakage‚ touch current and 3-phase leakage test capabilities.

The handheld PrimeTest range is completed by the advanced PrimeTest 350 that combines a full range of electrical tests with Bluetooth connectivity‚ an extended internal memory and with upload and download features for maximum field test efficiencies.

The powerful Europa and Supernova testers complete the full Seaward PAT range - with the latter incorporating a special hi-pot/flash test capability for comprehensive electrical safety testing in a wide range of sectors.

The Seaward PAT Testing range is supported by a series of PATGuard record keeping software programs for the management of test results, together with a full range of test accessories, training materials and technical support.

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