New Supernova Elite Has RCD Test

 The Seaward Group, market leading manufacturer of portable appliance testers, has upgraded and enhanced the range of test functions performed by its Supernova dual voltage PAT tester.

The new Supernova Elite advanced tester is now capable of testing RCD trip times alongside its existing flash/hi pot test and dual voltage testing capabilities.

The unique range of tests incorporated in this comprehensive test instrument means that all electrical safety tests can be carried out quickly and effectively on the complete range of workplace electrical equipment and appliances.
The inclusion of the RCD test is in keeping with the latest IEE Code that when extension leads or multiway adaptors are fitted with an RCD, the operation of the RCD should be checked using a test instrument to determine that the trip time is within specified limits. The new Supernova Elite meets this requirement and allows the RCD test function to operate without tripping any RCDs in the mains supply.

The tester’s internal memory can store 5000 PAT results including details of location‚ user‚ test status and test date. A superfast download facility enables test records to be transferred easily to complementary PC results databases and asset management software systems.

Enhanced connectivity also gives the ability to use a bar code scanner and a printer concurrently and product bar code labels can be generated directly via a thermal printer. This facility also enables the automatic print out of results immediately after a test has been completed.

The Supernova Elite retains the ergonomic design, integral QWERTY keyboard and main test features of the original instrument. These include a flash test capability, dual voltage appliance testing‚ accurate earth bond and leakage measurements when multiple earth paths exist and multiple 250V/500V insulation testing.

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