New Solar PV Test Documentation Software

Seaward SolarCert Elements

A new range of electrical safety testers have been developed to help manufacturers of electrical and electronic products comply with all required performance and safety standards.

A new dedicated software program for the solar PV industry helps system installers produce all electrical test documentation for client handover packs quickly and easily.

The new Seaward SolarCert Elements software is designed to help solar PV installers create comprehensive folders of system information including customised test certification and inspection reports, installation layout diagrams, photographs and any other information relevant to PV installation such as datasheets.

The easy to use software is a manual data entry program that improves the efficiency of solar PV testing by allowing the fast and simple recording, storing and searching of all electrical test and measurements in line with the requirements of many certification schemes and the IEC 62446 standard.

An onboard step-by-step tutorial helps to guide users through the many features and a checklist provides a simple reference point to ensure all required information is included in the client handover pack.

Once entered into the SolarCert Elements program, test data can easily be used to create professional PV array test and system inspection reports as well as verification certificates which can be saved, printed and e-mailed as PDF files.

For multiple installations of a similar nature, information can be quickly transferred from one record to another.

In addition to the automatic production of reports and certificates using dedicated software, Seaward Solar also provides certificate pads for the compilation of written records.

The new SolarCert Elements record keeping program complements the recently introduced Seaward Solar PV100 dedicated multi-function electrical tester for those involved in solar panel installation.

More SolarCert information is available on our solar PV software product page.

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