New Safety e-Base Delivers Advanced Production Line Testing

New specialist software has been developed by Seaward for its ClareHAL range of safety compliance testers which improves production testing times and gives the user greater flexibility.

The Safety e-Base Software is an advanced PC programme which can be used as an integral part of production line management and control systems, enabling the user to have improved access to data and customise testing to suit individual requirements.

It can be used to control multiple production test lines from a single application while a remote facility enables the system to be controlled without the operator being near the PC.

The software allows production line test stations to be integrated with PC control and test data collection providing full traceability and improved cost savings, meeting the production environment requirements where quality, traceability, efficiency and safety require an integrated approach.

An easy-to-use scriptable interface provides improved control over tests, procedures, remote operations and sessions. A bespoke set of custom screens for the HAL’s display can be created to remotely guide the operator through test procedures.

Pop-up windows provide faster advanced warning of unusually high test failures while other tests can be undertaken automatically if a particular one fails providing further benefits for the user.

Safety e-Base also offers the operator full control over how test results are recorded to comply with product testing schedules – these can be by session, by appliance, after a certain period of time or stored as a single file. Results can be downloaded from HAL units for tests performed in manual/automatic mode.

Real time viewing of test information can be viewed from within Safety e-Base via live telemetry while test sequences can be switched quickly based on appliance serial numbers. Open data format ensures project and results data can be stored in an intuitive XML format for use with external data mining tools.

Seaward can provide an optional scripting support service based on Safety e-Base for customers requiring tailor made solutions for highly specific installations.

Please visit the Safety e-Base Software product page for more information.

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