New PATBags all inclusive test kits

A new PATBag test-kit concept from Seaward enables all organisations to meet their electrical safety responsibilities in a safe, simple and effective manner.

To prevent personal injury and fire hazards caused by faulty electrical equipment, workplaces and public facilities are required to maintain electrical equipment in safe working order. In the majority of cases this can be achieved by simple, regular in house checks and tests of appliances by a competent person at a frequency which is appropriate to the risk. To help meet this need, Seaward has introduced a range of special all-inclusive electrical appliance safety testing kits contained in handy carrying bags.

Specially designed to support fast and efficient electrical safety checking and testing routines, each PATBag comprises an easy to operate portable appliance tester with a test guide and training DVD alongside, a test reference card, a log book for test results and a supply of ready-made pass/fail labels. In addition, for those operators that prefer to keep computerised test records, one of the Seaward PATBag options includes a special PATGuard Elements software program providing a simplified database of test results, re-test dates and other data that can be used for the production of test reports and certificates.

The entry level test kits offer a choice of basic level, manually operated portable appliance testers in the form of the PrimeTest 50 or PrimeTest 100 testers. Both these battery powered testers are suitable for carrying out fundamental in-house safety checks on electrical equipment, appliances and power cords.

The special PrimeTest 250 PATBag provides the ability to test 3-phase equipment often found in school workshops. All the electrical test equipment, accessories, software and supporting documentation is incorporated in a purpose-designed and lightweight carrying bag.

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