New Multi-Function Irradiance Meter

A new high specification instrument combines irradiance measurement with a host of other features to enable solar PV and solar thermal contractors carry out site surveys quickly and easily.

The versatile Seaward Solar Survey 100 uses a precision PV cell sensor for the highly accurate irradiance measurement, displaying results in either Wm-2 or BTU/h/ft2 and making it ideal for both solar PV and solar thermal site installations.

Uniquely, the new multi function unit also incorporates a digital compass, a digital tilt meter and a dual channel precision thermometer.

These special features enable the user to quickly identify the location where maximum levels of solar power can be collected and accurately measure irradiance, roof pitch, orientation and both ambient air and PV module temperature.

The rugged and compact instrument is battery powered and incorporates a display hold feature which enables site readings to be captured in difficult locations.

The compact yet rugged Solar Survey 100 is battery powered and supplied with a protective rubber boot which makes it a truly versatile instrument and an indispensable tool for all those involved in solar installation work.

The new instrument forms part of the Seaward Solar range of specialist test instrumentation and accessories for the solar sector. These include the new Seaward Solar PV100 dedicated electrical tester for those involved in solar panel installation and the SolarCert Elements PV system test record keeping program.

Read more information about the new Solar Survey Irradiance Meter from Seaward.

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