New Mobile App Gives More Power to Manual PATs

A powerful new mobile app packed with special features helps to convert manual PATs into semi-automatic testers with results recording capabilities.

The new PATMobile app from Seaward is specifically designed to extend the performance of the market leading PrimeTest 50 and PrimeTest 100 manual testers by providing easy access to a host of special test data handling options.

Available for use on Android and iOS devices, the dedicated app works with the testers to enable the digital input and storage of test records alongside barcode scanning, label printing, photo tagging and other complementary test functions.

The PrimeTest manual testers are lightweight, hand held units designed for basic PAT testing tasks. The PrimeTest 50 and 100 testers incorporate extended long life battery power for up to 5500 tests and carry out the essential electrical safety tests on all electrical appliances – as well as also checking leads, socket wiring and mains voltages.

Both testers are designed for fast and simple push button operation with the clear and immediate display of pass or fail results, with the PrimeTest 100 also displaying test values.

The new PATMobile brings enhanced features to these testers, for low to mid-volume testing, by providing a quick and easy means of recording PAT results. This allows test details to be downloaded for recordkeeping purposes, stored for future reference and distributed easily via e mail.

The app also allows images of appliances taken on a mobile to be stored against test results and also enables test labels to be printed via Bluetooth connectivity with a compatible printer. For ease of identification of appliances, the new app can also be used to scan barcodes or QR codes.

All these special features improve the management of test results and enhance traceability, while replacing the need for manual records also saves time and eliminates paperwork normally associated with manual PAT testers.

As a result, the new PATMobile app further extends the versatility of these powerful PAT testers – adding to their proven capability for highly effective electrical appliance safety testing.

Visit our PATMobile app page for more information

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