New Lead Resistance Calculator App eliminates test errors

Seaward has launched a new user friendly App to help PAT professionals carry out earth continuity testing efficiently and accurately.

The new Lead Resistance Calculator App for android devices provides a fast and simple means of determining the acceptable resistance of appliance cables and leads, eliminating the need for test engineers to use look up tables or calculate resistance values manually.

This is particularly useful when testing Class 1 appliances and calculating pass/fail limit for Earth Continuity testing using the IET recommended 0.1 ohm + R formula, where R is the resistance of the supply cable. By calculating cable resistance value automatically the risk of operator error is eliminated.

The new Seaward App uses drop down menus for cable length and cable area. This enables the fast, reliable and simple automatic calculation of the resistance value of the protective conductor that is needed as part of the test to confirm that there is a good connection between the mains plug and any earthed metal parts.

The App is specifically designed for use with manual PAT testers or mid-range downloading instruments that do not have an integral calculation capability.

The free Seaward Lead Resistance Calculator App is available from the Google play store.

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