New Easy To Use Press & Print PAT

Seaward has upgraded its popular PrimeTest 250 manual PAT with the introduction of a fast results downloading and easy label printing version of the tester.

The new PrimeTest 250 Plus combines a comprehensive test capability with a number of added value features that make testing fast, simple and highly efficient.

Importantly, the new handheld tester connects directly to a new Test n Tag Pro printer for the immediate, on-demand, production of test labels without any special set up procedures being required.

In addition, the new PrimeTest 250 Plus also comes with free test results data logger software to enable test data to be downloaded directly to PC records.

With a large user display and simple push button operation, the lightweight unit is the most compact tester available that provides all the electrical tests required for compliance with the IET Code of Practice for the In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment including RCD trip time, protective conductor current and touch current.

Among a host of other test capabilities is a 3-phase leakage test and a 250V DC insulation test suitable for testing sensitive electrical appliances. Special Seaward ‘zap’ circuit technology (patent pending) is also included to ensure accurate and reliable earth continuity testing.

The new PrimeTest 250 Plus is available in a range of special packages that combine the tester with various PAT accessories, software programs and training aids.

This highly versatile instrument is suitable for the safety testing of appliances in all working environments; electrical equipment and industrial plant used in factories, workshops, schools and colleges can all be tested safely and effectively.

The PrimeTest 250 Plus forms part of a comprehensive range of portable appliance testers, results software and accessories from Seaward that provide effective solutions to meet all workplace electrical appliance safety testing needs.

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