Innovative Apollo 600 Granted Patent Protection

Seaward’s most advanced portable appliance tester has been awarded a UK patent that recognises its unique ability to combine formal visual inspections and all required electrical testing as part of a formal safety risk assessment process.

The Apollo 600 has been specifically designed to incorporate a range of special features in line with HSE guidance to ensure that the inspection and testing of workplace electrical appliances is proportionate to the safety risks presented.

To meet this need, as well as an onboard risk assessment tool to help determine re-test intervals, the multi-purpose PAT tester incorporates a built-in digital camera to enable high quality images to be tagged against appliance test records.

Along with the storage of test results against a unique appliance identification number, the integral camera enables comprehensive and completely traceable electrical safety records to be maintained and future test programmes to be managed effectively.

The Apollo 600 incorporates all of the electrical safety tests required by the IET Code of Practice, alongside a range of additional test functions, including the ability to test fixed appliances.

In addition to PAT testing, for those with more general responsibility for health and safety inspections, the Apollo 600’s universal risk assessment tool enables other work place hazards to be determined, inspected and recorded. These include, for example, fire detection, alarm systems and emergency lighting, with the ability to output a wide range of safety labels, test reports and certificates for each.

It is this unique combination of performance features that has enabled the Apollo 600 to be granted a patent.


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