FA is On The Ball With Electrical Safety Testing

As part of the FA´s preventative maintenance programme at its Soho Square, London headquarters, regular inspection and testing of electrical office equipment and other appliances is carried out using a Seaward Europa Plus tester - supported by specialist test data software and on-site calibration services. 

The Europa Plus enables safety testing to be carried out quickly and effectively by the FA´s in-house maintenance engineer to ensure that all workplace electrical equipment remains safe and does not pose a hazard for staff.
The portable high volume PAT tester is capable of carrying out all essential safety testing on Class I and Class II electrical equipment and can be linked to a test ‘n´ tag printer for the immediate output of pass/fail labels as testing is undertaken.

Importantly, the Europa Plus also incorporates specially developed software which compares successive test results taken on the same item of electrical equipment to provide an immediate indication of product degradation and potential faults. As well as recording asset details and test results in the tester´s internal memory, data produced by the FA´s electrical safety testing procedures is downloaded into a central PATGuard software management system, enabling test reports to be produced and full safety records to be maintained.

As part of its safety management procedures, the FA has also signed-up to Seaward´s on-site calibration service.

This enables regular test instrument calibration and servicing work to be carried out at the Soho Square premises by Seaward engineers. In this way the tester continues to meet its required performance specifications with minimum disruption to in-house maintenance programmes and working practices.

Bob Kelman, Maintenance Engineer at the FA, said: "Portable appliance testing is an important part of our health and safety and equipment maintenance policies.
"Testing of all office equipment and other electrical appliances is undertaken regularly and the integration of testing, test records and calibration means that the work can be undertaken quickly and efficiently."

The Europa Plus tester and PATGuard test results management program form part of Seaward´s comprehensive range of portable appliance test instrumentation, software and accessories that are used to ensure the safety of electrical equipment used in the workplace.

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