DO4000: Driving Up Quality Control In Automotive Manufacturing


Improved testing of robotic weld quality during automotive vehicle manufacturing is provided by the DO4000 range of high performance, digital milliohmmeters now available from Cropico.

The portable and rugged instrument includes several advanced features to test accurately the integrity of welding during body part assembly as an integral part of an advanced quality control programme. It can also be used to improve the measurement of other areas of automotive production including testing resistance of airbag detonators and battery crimp terminations.

Features of the DO4000 include forward and reverse current measurement with auto averaging, true current zero, long scale length and a selectable measurement range from 40mΩ to 4kΩ with respective resolutions between 10mΩ and 1Ω.

Within the range, model 4001 also includes temperature compensation, with preset coefficients for copper and aluminium plus user settable coefficients for other materials. Temperature measurement over the range –50 to +800ºC is also available.

Protection up to 415V rms is provided at the measurement terminals and push button operation is achieved easily by clearly marked function controls. Direct reading measured values are displayed on a four-digit LCD display.

Over range and low battery indication is also provided and warning LEDs illuminate when an open circuit lead condition is detected. The 4000 series can be supplied with a rechargeable battery option featuring a battery pack, docking station and charger.

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