CPJ Electrics Enjoys PAT Business Boost

Dedicated portable appliance testing equipment is helping a Wokingham-based electrical company to expand its services to small businesses.

CPJ Electrics’ main activity is in electrical installation work and providing electrical installation condition reports for clients in the Berkshire area. Established four years ago, the company has also recently introduced a PAT testing service for local small businesses.

To help it do so CPJ Electrics uses a Seaward PrimeTest 250 PatBag kit. The all inclusive package is specifically designed to support fast and efficient electrical safety checking and testing routines by providing a versatile handheld portable appliance tester, alongside a test guide, a pat testing training DVD, a log book for test results and a supply of ready-made pass/fail labels.

The special kit means that test engineers have all the equipment needed to carry out electrical safety tests on customer premises and to give business owners the reassurance that their equipment is safe to use.

CPJ Electrics owner Chris Jamieson explains: “Having the easy to use tester and accessories in one bag means that we always have everything we need to carry out the PAT tests on site with the minimum of disruption to customers.

“Most of our customers are landlords, fairly small businesses and community organisations who, in addition to our ability to carry out testing quickly, value the assistance we can provide in helping them to make the necessary risk assessments required to develop an effective electrical maintenance programme.

“There is no doubt that customers would rather not have to do the testing. However, this view can change quite dramatically when they see the results of testing and the sort of equipment damage that could well have turned into a serious hazard if left undetected

“Our PAT service is very much based on trust and this means being able to offer professional and responsible advice on re-test intervals and other electrical safety matters.”

The robust and handheld PrimeTest 250 carries out all the electrical tests required for compliance with the IET Code of Practice for the In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, alongside a host of other features.

These additional test capabilities include an RCD trip time test, a 3-phase leakage test and a 250V DC insulation test suitable for testing sensitive electrical appliances and surge protected leads.

To help the company provide a fully professional service and to manage the test needs of its customers, CPJ Electrics also uses the PATGuard Elements program. This basic software provides a simplified database of test results, re-test dates and other data that can be used for the production of test reports and certificates – and help to provide reminders of next test due dates.

Since introducing its PAT service alongside its core electrical installation work, the use of specialist test equipment has helped CPJ to win more safety testing work with local businesses, retail outlets and community organisations.

The PATBags concept from Seaward forms part of a comprehensive range of portable appliance testers and accessories that meet all workplace electrical safety testing needs.

Visit the PrimeTest 250 Comprehensive handheld Manual PAT tester product page for more information.

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