Compliance & Precision News Round-Up - Issue 53

This issue covers:

  • Changes to EU product safety regulations?
  • Making light work of standards compliance
  • Apprenticeship proposed for appliance service engineers
  • LIA’s new laboratory and earning centre taking shape

Changes to EU product safety regulations?

A news report on the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Electrical Appliances (AMDEA) website highlights some new possibilities regarding European Regulations in relation to product safety.

In 2013 two new European Regulations were proposed in tandem: one to replace the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) and the other to provide a comprehensive legal framework for market surveillance. However the package reached an impasse over the issue of whether to require a country of origin marking on all products sold in the EU.

In October last year the European Commission published an updated list of standards that can be used to demonstrate compliance with the essential requirements of the GPSD.

However, also in October, the Commission included an initiative on market surveillance in its Single Market Strategy, indication that the combined package of General Product Safety and Market Surveillance Regulations will at some point be withdrawn and a new proposal for Market Surveillance legislation will go forward.

As of next summer, there will also be the Radio Equipment Directive covering safety and EMC. As AMDEA points out it is therefore not clear whether there will be a further attempt to recreate a general safety Regulation as well. Watch this space is the underlying message.

Hipot Testers

Making light work of standards compliance

A leading manufacturer of commercial and domestic lighting has improved electrical safety testing of its range of LED products using a low power multi-function Clare HAL LED tester from Seaward.

JCC Lighting Products Ltd, designs, sources and manufactures light fittings suitable for customers in domestic lighting, office lighting, industrial and retail lighting markets in the UK and growing international markets.

This includes a range of advanced LED downlights, LED panels, wall and ceiling lights, track and spotlight systems, and traditional wall lanterns.

The company’s facility at Bognor Regis, Sussex has been using a HAL LED on its production line to batch test LED units manufactured or converted before they are distributed to UK electrical wholesalers and international customers

The HAL LED, which provides power measurement of less than 1000W with a resolution of 200mW, performs continuity and ground/earth bond tests alongside AC/DC Hipot (FLASH/Dielectric Strength).

The use of the tester ensures JCC’s products meet product quality, performance and reliability standards and are safety compliant with EN 60598 for the safety of fixed lighting equipment such as recessed and surface luminaires.

Function testing is also undertaken as part of the programme to check that each unit switches on/off and lights correctly at the required power consumption levels and that any ancillary equipment works in accordance with technical specifications.

The HAL LED combines the performance of a multi-function production line safety tester with load and power factor measurement for product energy consumption and ratings assessments. The tester can be fully integrated into automated manufacturing systems with selectable sensors and enclosure interlocks, or by ultimate control using remote PCs and PLCs.

Click here to find out more about the HAL series

HAL Series Production Line Testers

Apprenticeship proposed for appliance service engineers

Interesting news from the Household Electrical and Electronic Servicing Training forum (HEEST) that has developed a draft apprenticeship standard for an electrical, electronic product service and installation engineer.

The role covers the support, repair, installation and set-up of electrical and electronic products in both domestic and commercial properties.

The background to the proposed new apprenticeship recognises that appliance technology is developing at a rapid rate and the range of products requiring servicing will expand. To meet this need it is acknowledged that the service engineer will need to maintain and update their skills to meet these future requirements.

HEEST is funded by AMDEA, TechUK (represents the manufacturers of consumer electronic equipment) and Retra (the association for independent electrical retailers). The coordinating group now has to design the assessment criteria for the new apprenticeship and a sub-group has been created to work on this. Details at

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LIA’s new laboratory and learning centre taking shape

The UK Lighting Industry Association’s (LIA) investment in new facilities to support the sector is taking shape.

Building work for two new projects at the company’s Telford HQ is well underway to provide a new test laboratory and a training centre. Already the UK’s largest independent lighting test laboratory, the new LIA laboratory will accommodate house ‘state-of-the-art’ testing equipment that ordinarily would be out of reach of many of the lighting industry SME’s and is intended to provide a new UK wide national lighting-testing asset.

The new Learning Centre is also designed to serve the whole lighting supply chain. It will consist of a purpose built learning environment, new course materials and delivery methodology to enable companies to train their staff and their supply chains on the benefits, limitations and capabilities of lighting technologies.

These projects will ensure that the LIA on behalf of its Members and the UK Lighting Industry will be in a position to address the training needs as well as being better equipped to the issues facing the product performance issues of the industry. Work is scheduled for completion soon. Details at

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