Compliance & Precision News Round-Up - Issue 40

This issue covers:

  • SMDA operator appointed in UK
  • Making light work of standards compliance
  • 'Potentially lethal' hot water bottles seized by Trading Standards officers
  • Lean manufacturing advice for UK electronics SMEs

SMDA operator appointed in UK

Energy UK, BEAMA, Energy and Utilities Alliance and Community of Meter Asset Providers have jointly announced the appointment of Gemserv as the Smart Metering Device Assurance Scheme Operator in the UK.

In this role, Gemserv will be tasked with establishing an independent assurance scheme to encompass interoperability and interchangeability testing for smart metering equipment.

This will provide assurance to consumers, suppliers and financiers that smart metering equipment will work effectively in a smart environment.

Gemserv will now commence a period of mobilisation including the development of test specifications and contracting with test houses.

In a related news announcement, BEAMA also welcomed publication of - Smart meters, Smart Data, Smart Growth – by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

The report sets out the methodologies for using data from smart metering and is regarded as especially useful for companies that are not directly linked to the smart metering program but are providing consumer products, services, controls and low-carbon technologies that will benefit from links to system. More at

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Making light work of standards compliance

A leading manufacturer of commercial and domestic lighting has improved electrical safety testing of its range of LED products using a low power multi-function Clare HAL LED tester from Seaward.

JCC Lighting Products Ltd, designs, sources and manufactures light fittings suitable for customers in domestic lighting, office lighting, industrial and retail lighting markets in the UK and growing international markets.

This includes a range of advanced LED downlights, LED panels, wall and ceiling lights, track and spotlight systems, and traditional wall lanterns.

The company’s facility at Bognor Regis, Sussex has been using a HAL LED on its production line to batch test LED units manufactured or converted before they are distributed to UK electrical wholesalers and international customers.

The HAL LED, which provides power measurement of less than 1000W with a resolution of 200mW, performs continuity and ground/earth bond tests alongside AC/DC Hipot (FLASH/Dielectric Strength).

The use of the tester ensures JCC’s products meet product quality, performance and reliability standards and are safety compliant with EN 60598 for the safety of fixed lighting equipment such as recessed and surface luminaires.

Function testing is also undertaken as part of the programme to check that each unit switches on/off and lights correctly at the required power consumption levels and that any ancillary equipment works in accordance with technical specifications.

The HAL LED combines the performance of a multi-function production line safety tester with load and power factor measurement for product energy consumption and ratings assessments. The tester can be fully integrated into automated manufacturing systems with selectable sensors and enclosure interlocks, or by ultimate control using remote PCs and PLCs. Full details here.

'Potentially lethal' hot water bottles seized by Trading Standards officers

More than 1,200 electric hot water bottles seized by Kent County Council Trading Standards officers have been described as potentially lethal.

The bottles – intended for use by children – were recovered from a lorry arriving at the Port of Dover.

Mains electricity is passed through the water in the bottle to heat it up, which is against the relevant safety standard. Any leaking water would be “live” and could lead to electrocution.

An electrical safety expert examined the hot water bottles and found numerous faults. These included insufficient insulation to protect the user from electric shock, the cable was inadequate for the load and the construction of the cable was not safe because wrong connecting devices had been used.

Over 1,000 unsafe LED lamps were also found in the consignment, which originated in China. Full story here.

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Lean manufacturing advice for UK electronics SMEs

A new initiative aims to give smaller manufacturers the same access to transformational lean production techniques as larger operations.

The EEF’s new Lean Academy is built around a full-scale, configurable and transportable modular assembly line, which can be reconfigured daily to challenge a company’s employees as they work through a 12 day programme.

This makes the exercises real-to-life and relevant to the individual business. The content of the Academy is bespoke, allowing employees to apply the techniques successfully in their workplace.

The new programmes is designed to enable mid-sized and SME manufacturers to learn ‘game-changing’ methods to boost their efficiency and growth – without the hefty outlay and in a way that guarantees sustainability and immediate gains.

The new Academy can be run at an individual company’s premises or at EEF’s state-of-the-art technical training centre in Aston, near Birmingham. Details here

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