Compliance & Precision News Round-Up - Issue 38

This issue covers:

  • Electrical Safety First supports electrical product recall review
  • HAL testing is music to the ears of jukebox manufacturer
  • ESCO sets out ambitions for UK electronics sector
  • Calibrationhouse extends instrumentation capabilities

Electrical Safety First supports electrical product recall review

The charity Electrical Safety First has long campaigned about the inefficiencies of the product recall system and recently commented on this in relation to the Consumer Rights Bill which has just concluded its report stage in the House of Lords.

Phil Buckle, Director General of Electrical Safety First, said: “The Consumer Rights Bill is the most radical shake-up of consumer legislation to take place in three decades. We were disappointed that our proposed amendment – which ‘closed the gap’ between faults that manufacturers and suppliers of electrical goods know about and what consumers are aware of – has not been incorporated into the Bill.

“However, we are delighted that our concerns have been noted and that a review of the product recall system will now take place.”

The amendment proposed by Electrical Safety First was designed to increase transparency, by requiring manufacturers, retailers and distributors, to provide specific details, such as the number of people affected by a recalled item (either through injury or damage to property).

It also called for detailed information regarding a recalled item to be displayed, on both the website of the relevant government department and enforcement agencies. More at

HAL testing is music to the ears of jukebox manufacturer

Seaward's multi-function HAL 101 programmable tester is rocking to a different beat after being specified for hipot testing at the UK’s only classic jukebox manufacturer.

Sound Leisure, one of only two companies in the world producing classic 1940s and 1950s style jukeboxes, is using the HAL 101 to test the transformers used in the products its supplies to customers and distributors throughout North America.

At its Leeds factory, dozens of new retro-styled jukeboxes are hand-made for American and Canadian customers each year before being tested to ensure they operate safely and perform as required.

Production line testing is undertaken as part of the company’s stringent quality assurance programme to ensure the jukeboxes comply with US safety regulations UL 60065 and that they are safe for 110v operation before being shipped.

The HAL 101 enables Sound Leisure to undertake fast and accurate electrical safety testing without damaging the product under test, capturing important data and completing testing in line with the relevant compliance and product testing standards.

The HAL 101 is a programmable hipot tester with a user interface that enables manual use within a product compliance environment. It can be used with a barcode scanner to automate the production flow and enable the tester to be linked directly with most ISO quality systems.

Traceability is an important aspect of any safety programme and the tester can collect up to 6,000 test results internally before downloading these to a PC. It also incorporates various input and output ports, which allow the test to be mechanised when connected to a suitable safety enclosure or initiated from external controls.

ESCO sets out ambitions for UK electronics sector

The aims of the UK Electronic Systems Council has set out its strategic blueprint for the future of the industry.

Set up just over 12 months ago, ESCO brings together electronic industry executives to work on and advance a joint agenda with the Government to grow the economic footprint of the UK electronics systems sector.

Currently, the successful industry contributes £80bn turnover, or 5.4% of GDP, to the UK economy, employs 850,000 people in highly skilled jobs and invests significant sums in research and development.

Going forward, by 2020 the Council wants to see turnover rise to £120bn and employment number rise to 1 million at the same time as up-skilling the existing workforce.

To deliver against these objectives the Council has identified six key workstreams to drive forward its work programme. These comprise of Industrial Automation, Internet of Things, Healthcare, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Skills and Technology. Details at

Calibrationhouse extends instrumentation capabilities

A specialist calibration service for electrical and electronic test and measurement equipment has expanded its operations to meet growing demand.

Calibrationhouse has invested in extended workshop facilities and new test technology, to expand its activities into new electronic instrumentation sectors.

The expanded Calibrationhouse capability now includes infrared thermometry and thermal imaging cameras, as well as luminance (lux) meters and specialist audiology and other types of medical electronic equipment.

These additional equipment types are in addition to the range of multimeters, 17th edition test equipment, high voltage test equipment, production line testers, oscilloscopes and high spec electronic instrumentation already included in the company’s calibration and repair service.

The Calibrationhouse advanced technology workshop service is also complemented by the availability of a national team of highly trained and qualified engineers providing specialist UKAS calibration services at customer premises.

The company has long established technical expertise working with many global market leading test instrumentation brands. These include Fluke, Agilent, Thurlby Thandar, GMC, Megger and specialist electromedical equipment suppliers such as Rigel, Bio-Tek, DNI Nevada, Metrohm and others.

Calibrationhouse is accredited to ISO9001:2008 and ISO17025:2005‚ with service, calibration and repairs of all types of electronic equipment being undertaken with assured traceability to national UKAS standards. More details at

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