ClareHAL104 And Safety e-Base Pro Combine To Deliver Added Test Benefits

Production line and type testing across a variety of manufacturing sectors is easier and faster to complete with the ClareHAL104 and Safety e-Base Pro solution from Seaward.

The ClareHAL104 and Safety e-Base Pro solution combines advanced PC control software with the latest multi-function safety tester technology to enable end-users in the avionics, appliance, lighting, defence and electronics manufacturing sectors among others to simplify and improve the efficiency of their production line systems.

The ClareHAL104 meets multiple standards, including EN 50191 and EN 60598 through combining the performance of a multi-function production line safety tester with load and power factor measurement for product energy consumption and ratings assessments.

The tough and durable Clare HAL104 can withstand the most demanding environments and is suitable for maintenance and laboratory applications as well as all types of electronic manufacturing.

Now enhanced software provides improved control and programming via a PC to set up the ClareHAL104 and perform a variety of test sequences. This can be undertaken remotely if required and means that tests can be set to start on pre-configured conditions such as when the enclosure door is closed.

A simple-to-use, fully integrated interface reduces the need for operator training and system familiarisation, enabling test regimes to be set up quickly and controlled easily at the touch of a button.

The ClareHal104 already offers a fully customisable solution to production line testing, but the addition of Safety e-Base Pro software makes setting test sequences and parameters much easier.

And, once the sequences to be used have been set, the operator will be unable to change the parameters ensuring consistent, traceable testing for quality control purposes.

Simple, easily understood test instructions can be displayed with text or pictures onto a PC monitor, enabling the most advanced or complex test sequences to be completed quickly and accurately, regardless of operator skill level.

External inputs have also been incorporated into the ClareHAL 104 to allow custom scaling and other units of measurement from external sources - such as the speed of a motor in RPM at a specific test condition - to be displayed and recorded.

The new ClareHAL104 and Safety e-Base Pro solution is part of an extended range of specialist electrical safety testing instrumentation designed for the fast and accurate electrical tests required by today’s electronic manufacturing environments.

As well as incorporating key functional checks, the ClareHAL 104 meets the end of line electrical safety compliance tests required by the majority of national and international product safety standards.

The ClareHAL104 and Safety e-Base Pro solution meets all of the requirements of the various British and European standards in relation to high voltage testing and incorporates fully isolated high voltage outputs to ensure the highest levels of operator safety.

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