Are Electricians Still Regarded as Rogues?

A recent report from Trust Mark, the Government endorsed find a tradesperson scheme, said that the public image of not only Electricians but Builders and Plumbers too, is grossly outdated.

Trustmark looked at what categorises a true professional in today’s industry, and highlighted some of the ways current tradespeople are breaking these negative stereotypes.

One of the myths is that tradespeople, including Electricians, are unprofessional in their behaviour. So, TrustMark highlighted how industry professionals are building trust and loyalty among customers and clients.

Some of the people featured in the report are committed to a number of different strategies and ways that improve their customer and client environments. These include taking measures to ensure health and safety, keeping up with training and current skills developments, being responsible for waste management, through professional branding, uniforms and vehicles, alongside providing professional quotations and contracts.

More often, these people use digital technology including tablets and mobile phones to communicate with their customers at all stages of their work. Then there’s accreditation with one of the number of professional accreditation bodies, something that is often said to be a recognition of professionalism.

The findings of this report also corroborates another report by AXA Business Insurance which said that 82% of tradespeople often go above and beyond for their clients.

The reports from both of these firms indicate that while the public consensus may be distrustful of tradespeople, in general most of those in the industry are highly professional and value both training, competence and correct procedures.

At Seaward we would concur with these findings and, in our experience, find that the vast majority of Seaward equipment users are serious professionals who value their clients, their skills and ensure they have the best training, equipment, and provide the best in service and customer satisfaction.

So, the question would be, if the reality of a tradesperson’s professionalism is a long way from the public’s actual opinion, is it possible to change the way the public view tradespeople so that they see the real professionalism?

We would say yes it is possible. With continued competence and with each member of the industry providing good service and satisfaction to clients and customers, we can slowly start to dissipate this myth that Electricians are unprofessional and allow people to see how many fantastic specialists we do actually have in this industry.

It is a shame that a few small rogues have made the general public mistrustful, but we can slowly start to change opinion by providing good service and professional level work.

What’s your opinion of these reports? Do you think they are an accurate reflection of the public’s view of the industry? Let us know over on our twitter page.

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