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Webinar: PAT Refreshers Series

Location: Online
Date and time: July through to October

Over the coming months we will host a series of webinars where we will cover a number of topics covered on a PAT Testing Course. These webinars are designed to be refresher sessions and are not a certified PAT Testing Course.

Attend all 9 webinars and you'll receive a certificate tof attendance. Terms apply.

Terms. High interaction rate required for certification (please view all of the webinar). You must attend all 9 webinars with the option to view 1 online if you are unable to attend a session for any reason. Certs will be issued within 1 week of all 9 webinars finishing. Please ensure your name is spelled correctly for the certificate. One certificate per attendee. Certificates will not be issued to people who are not registered. We will not issue certificates to people who are viewing the webinars in a conference room on a screen using 1 registration link.

Here is what we will cover each week:

Introduction to PAT - Wed 7th July at 7pm and Fri 9th July at 10am
This session gives an overview of the subject and outlines what PAT is, what are the legal requirements and what equipment needs to be included.

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Basic Theory and Terminology - Wed 21st July at 7pm and Fri 23rd July at 10am
In this session we look at the electrical theory behind PAT testing, common units of measurement and the meaning of many of the terms and phrases used in PAT.

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Type of Equipment and their Construction - Wed 4th August at 7pm and Fri 6th August at 10am
Here we will look at the types of equipment that require PAT and how they are constructed to protect against electric shock.

User Checks and Visual Inspection - Wed 18th August at 7pm and Fri 20th August at 10am
In this session we explain the process of visually inspecting equipment for signs of damage and what to look out for when performing User Checks and Formal Visual Inspections.

Basic PAT Tests - Wed 1st Sept at 7pm and Fri 3rd Sept at 10am
This session contains guidance on the standard PAT tests, earth continuity and insulation resistance. We look at what the tests are measuring, PASS/FAIL limits and how to connect test equipment to carry out these tests.

Advanced PAT Tests - Wed 15th Sept at 7pm and Fri 17th Sept at 10am
This session is a more in-depth look at more advanced PAT tests. We look specifically at leakage tests (PE Current, Touch Current & Alternative Leakage) and also RCD testing.

PAT Risk Assessment - Wed 29th Sept at 7pm and Fri 1st Oct at 10am
In this session we will look at the process of designing a risk based PAT management system. We will cover how to perfom PAT risk assessments and what control measures we can introduce to lower risk levels.

Record Keeping and Documentation - Wed 13th Oct at 7pm and Fri 15th Oct at 10am
Here we will discuss how we can create and maintain proper records of the PAT process to document our activities and what systems can be used to automate this.

5th Edition Code of Practice Changes - Wed 27th Oct at 7pm and Fri 29th Oct at 10am
This webinar is designed to bring you up to date with the changes to the 5th Edition code of Practice.

We hope you can join us.

Please register once to attend all sessions.

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