PAT FAQs Webinar

Location: Online - Please sign up
Date and time: Jul 27th (2PM), Jul 29th (10AM), Aug 31st (2PM), Sep 2nd (10AM)

***Covering new topics***

Join us in this educational webinar where we answer your PAT FAQs.

We will discuss:

  1. What are the reasons for tracking Asset ID's?
  2. What is a Class 2 FE product and how should it be tested?
  3. How do I test a Class 1 piece of equipment with no exposed metal?
  4. How to identify potential counterfeit and sub-standard goods
  5. Should PAT incorporate testing of new equipment?
  6. How often should my equipment be tested?
  7. Live Q&A session

You will be able to ask your own questions during the webinar using the live chat feature.

We hope you can attend.

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