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Guide to Infusion Pump Testing


Welcome to Rigel Medical where we have been pioneers of biomedical testing and measurement equipment for over 38 years.

We have produced a FREE Guide to infusion pump testing as a guideline to the methods of testing infusion devices and why infusion devices analyzers are so advantageous.

Fill out the form on this page to download the guide and understand the principles of infusion pumps, the infusion characteristics and the measurement technologies currently available.   


What is in Rigel Medical's free guide to Electrosurgery?


The history of infusion as a form of treatment and an introduction to infusion devices

Types of infusion

Elastomeric pumps, syringe drivers, volumetric pumps and ambulatory pumps are all types of infusion currently in use today.

Infusion characteristics

Understanding the problems associated with infusion, such as occlusion, air embolism and infiltration.

Testing infusion devices

Introducing the various methods of testing infusion devices, including using our Multi-Flo automatic 4 channel analyzer.

Download Guide

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