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Seaward B255 takes the crown at Lord Hire Centres

Lord Hire Centres, one of the largest independent tool hire and sales companies in the UK, is benefiting from Seaward electrical safety testers to keep its equipment functional and safe for its customers.


Lord Hire Centres, which has 8 depots in total across the North East of England, has at least one B255 analogue bench-mounted safety tester in every branch, and a total of 11 overall.


The B255 testers are recognised as the industry standard and product of choice for the hire and service/repair industries testing to European and international standards for Class I and Class II products. At Lord Hire Centres, they are used to test power tools and other electrical rental equipment, ensuring they function correctly with maximum safety, keeping users safe.


Technical Manager Michael Baird, who has been with Lord Hire Centres for 32 years, is a big advocate of the B255.


“The B255s are used every single day – they’re more popular than the kettle! We use them to test our full range of electrical power tools. Anything we can test with the B255, we do test!”


“The best thing about the B255s isn’t just the scope of tests that they provide, but also the reliability. We use them every day and in nearly 5 years, none have been sent for repairs.”.


We also use other electrical test equipment that requires a yearly examination for accuracy and safety. Seaward carries out these checks and provides us with a recalibration certificate, giving us peace of mind knowing that it has been checked and tested to a high standard by a reputable and knowledgeable company.”


Committed to making sure our customers get the most from their products, Category Manager Nathan Barwell has provided hands-on support to the Lord Hire Centres depot teams, setting up each instrument and providing training to the users so they can get to grips with the instruments and hit the ground running from day one.


Nathan said: “It’s been a pleasure working with Michael and the depot teams at Lord; a company who cares about electrical safety as much as we do! We don’t just sell testers and leave you to it, we really care that people using Seaward equipment are getting the most out of it. Lord has shown a real commitment to getting it right consistently, which is paying off and giving them peace of mind that their customers are safe from electrical faults."


The B255 enables the full suite of electrical safety tests to be carried out and includes earth/ground bond and hipot/flash testing alongside load, run and leakage testing.


For more information on making your rental and hire facility safer, see the B255 on our website or contact our sales team on

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